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<span>To achieve&#160;our client's objectives, we utilize various categories of investments.</span>

To achieve our client's objectives, we utilize various categories of investments.

Below is a quick summary of our most commonly used investments. We can help you to find which investments are best suited to your needs. 


Equity shares of ownership in individual companies.


Debt securities based on loans issued by governments, companies, or other private issuers.

Mutual Funds

Often an actively managed pool of investments with a defined investment objective.


Usually a passively managed portfolio of investments that often track an index or sector.


Traded or non-traded funds invested in real estate.


Atypical investments, such as private equity, hedge funds, interval funds, commodities, 1031 DSTs, business development corporations, and options.


An insurance based product that can include fixed returns, market based returns, a guaranteed income stream, and various additional options.

Structured Products

Investment products designed to achieve specific risk-return objectives using a portfolio of securities and derivative options sometimes with principle protection features.

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